Progressive Automotive X Prize

Overall Scope of Work



In Fall, 2010, three teams shared the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prizeā€”a $10 million bounty awarded for the first production-ready car that can achieve a fuel efficiency of 100 miles per gallon or its energy equivalent. I was retained to head up their Green Automotive Technologies Marketing and Partnership Strategy. Experience and success was garnered in the following:

Recruited over 60 teams competed ranging from Tesla to individuals competing in their garage.

Established and implemented a strategy to empower our teams to create their own press by utilizing a tool kit that we created that included contacts, b-roll, sample press releases and other helpful tools. This strategy allowed us to communicate our story more than 100X depending on the team and their sophistication with press.

Established a brand through heavy press outreach and secured a national sponsorship and dozens of local sponsors for our announcement ceremonies virtually breaking even on the overall costs.

Successfully collaborated at every benchmark with technical, research and other specialists to ensure the competition was achievable, true, safe, press worthy and fun.

Project Details