Live Earth – Worldwide Concert

Overall Scope of Work

Live Earth – concerts for a climate in crisis – co-chaired by former Vice President, Al Gore.

Successfully managed the entertainment marketing and marketed and promoted this groundbreaking concert to raise awareness of climate change that reached an audience of 2 billion people in 100 countries. This included a 41% television-viewing market share in Canada, 37% in Brazil, and 20% in Germany. . Led final negotiations and implementation of marketing with leading Fortune 500 companies that generated $40 million in revenue to fund the event.

Live Earth - New York - Show

Highlights Include:
✓Major sponsorship acquisition including; Absolut Vodka, Daimler Chrysler, MSN, Pepsi and Philips.

✓Social networking success that included over 1 Million member engagement in five months.

✓Digital asset activation –’s biggest streaming day ever to that date.

✓Directed all broadcast partnership activation with broadcast media outlets including NBC, CCTV, Sirius etc. that included negotiated promotional spots, messaging, on-air promotions and other added value worldwide that added another $20 Million in added value.

✓Directed all on-site event and hospitality that reached over 4 million on-site attendees.

✓Identified and negotiated celebrity endorsements and tie-ins that included a commemorative Pepsi can, exclusive song release from Madonna and other exclusive offers and tie-ins from various other entertainers.

✓Lead grass roots and guerilla marketing that garnered 64 NGO and online media partners and joint outreach messages in support of our messaging.

Project Details